Sean’s Presentations

A catalog of the presentations I have given or am planning to give.

This started out as a single repository that housed all my talks. But when that became unworkable, I moved all those talks into their own repositories. This serves more as centralized tracking and management at this point.

Have Something You’d Like to See?

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Name :octocat: Repo Link :earth_americas: Live Site
Casting a Wider .NET: Moving .NET Toward Greater OSS Maturity Link Link
Docker for Smaller Feedback Loops Link Link
(Server)less is more: An Introduction to Azure Functions Link Link
.NET Core Modernization Workshop Link Link
Stretching .NET: An Introduction to ElasticSearch Link Link
(Fr)agile: How Agile Falls Apart, and What you Can do to Hold it All Together Link Link
Brave dotnet new World: An Introduction to .NET Core Templating Link Link
In Action: Contributing to OSS Link Link
An Introduction to the Actor Model with Akka .NET Link Link
The Joy of Functional Testing With SpecFlow Link Link
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Feedback Loops Link Link