Password Rules Offender: Charles Schwab

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Schwab bad Password Screen

Dear Charles Schwab,

It is 2011. Why do you have a maximum length of 8 characters on an account password? And why is the only requirement that there be a number between letters?

It does not inspire confidence when I am about to ask you to hold my money.

Update: It also doesn’t allow symbols. That’s right, folks; maximum of 8 characters, and only letters/numbers. I can’t believe this crap.

Update: Two-Factor Authentication Available!

Thanks to Richard Smiley who wrote in the comments to alert us to the fact that Schwab is now offering a two-factor authentication token upon request.

For more details, head to the SchwabSafe Page. As of the time of this update (2/21/2013), to request a token, call Schwab at 800-435-4000.


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