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A Lesson From My Father

When Father’s Day rolls around, for me it’s often accompanied by the fact that I’m not sure how to properly honor my Dad. I’m lucky enough to still have him ...

An Open Letter to Eidos

[Cross-posted on the Eidos Facebook page. I really hope they get themselves together over there.]

Crafty, Google+. Very Crafty.

A quick observation: on most social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) you’ll see the option to connect with folks that you know.


New Desktop Rig! [Nerd Toys]

Recently, I decided to invest in something that would meet two very important criteria – something that would help me advance my career and knowledge, and al...


SunTrust is Awesome.

I wanted to let the world know about some great experiences I’ve had with SunTrust Bank lately. I only have an auto loan through them, but after these intera...

Uncle Tommy

[Updated with some corrections from Mom.]

Truth in Advertising

Looking over a post I recently made about restricting IP access with Tomcat server, I noticed the following banner ad (highlighting is mine):

Site Rebirth

Hello, everyone! Since redirecting the domain name to WordPress, I’ve been trying to invest more time into revamping the look and content of ...