Excel Tip: Generate a Defined Name from a Table

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Sometimes you may have a need to treat a column of data in an Excel table as a list – for example, to use the contents of that list as a drop-down somewhere else.

To do this, you’ll first have to create a named range for the table, which isn’t done the way it is elsewhere.

To demonstrate this, I’ll use a table with some names and demonstrate the drop-down list.

Step 1: Create the table

We start off with a list of names, unformatted in Excel:

Unformatted names in Excel

  • Highlight the cells in Excel:

Highlight Cells in Excel

  • And then format them as a table:

Excel table formatting selection

Note: Select “My table has headers” for the appropriate affect:

Selecting that the table has headers

Also Note: Excel has automatically given this table a name of Table1:

Selecting that the table has headers

Step 2: Create the Defined Name

  • Head to Formulas and select Define Name:

Click Define Name

  • Give the data name (in this case, OurNames).
  • Set the Refers to to be =Table1[Name]. This tells Excel to set this defined name equal to the Table1 “Name” column. When you’re done, it will look similar to the below:

Defined Name settings

  • Click OK. Voila, you have a defined name range!
  • You can verify your named range by going to the names drop-down in the top left corner, where you’ll now see OurNames. Try selecting it!

The Defined Name now selects the table column

The Nice Thing About This Technique – Adding new people rows includes them!

Unlike a normal defined name, which includes a set amount of cells, a defined range based on a table includes any of the cells defined by that table – even if they were outside of the original range.

To demonstrate this:

  • Add an item in the table below your last cell, e.g. “New Person”
  • The table will automatically expand to include that cell
  • Drop down the defined name and select it. Note that the new cell is included as well!

This is particularly useful for doing things like pulling drop-down list items from a table.


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