My (Automated) Reading List

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I’m a big fan of blogs, of RSS readers, and of sharing, so I figured – why not share my blog feed in a continuously updated way?

Getting the File

You can download the blog feed here.

What’s in the file?

It contains a list of development and tech blogs that I follow – I figured you didn’t need to see my politics. :wink:

The categories specifically include my name so that they won’t get intermingled with the rest of your feeds.

So…What do I do with it?

The blog feed is in OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) format, a standard format for these kinds of RSS feed exports.

Several blog readers – such as Feedly – allow you to import OPML lists right into their contents.

Best of all, in most feed readers, the import process is idempotent – meaning you should be able to keep importing this list in most feed readers without seeing duplicate entries for a given source.

How Often is it Updated?

At least daily. If I add any feeds, you’ll see them in the list. The whole thing is automated.

Cool! How Did You Do This?

A mix of The Feedly API and Azure Functions, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Storage Blobs.

Check out a tutorial to see how I did this step-by-step!

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