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Sean Killeen

Just a guy trying to get better at writing bios.

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I want YOU!

See a typo? Come across an issue? You can create an issue report or even better, fork this repository, fix the issue yourself, and submit it as a pull request.

I’ll be setting up a contributors page soon to acknowledge any help I get!

This Site Runs On:

  • Dunkin (in all seriousness, there is probably some considerable caffeine to blame for this).
  • The Jekyll markdown blogging platform (which is run on Ruby
  • All of this is hosted (for free!) On Github pages, because they’re awesome.
  • The Minimal Mistakes theme (which I tweaked a bit).
  • Comments are hosted on Disqus.
  • Want to know what’s in the pipeline? I’m using GitHub Issues to track things. Or you can just drop me a line and ask.
  • Source code is being formatted by Google Code Prettify.
  • A great blog post at RealJenius describing how to set up a series post in Jekyll without plug-ins. Some nice liquid formatting craziness in there. Learned a lot.

Thanks to all of these things, I can host this small chunk of my brain on the internet.


  • I think much credit is due to Phil Haack. He inspired me with the idea that the entirety of a blog could be collaborative, and his posts on it removed some of the fear for me. I’ll be stealing a number of ideas directly from him, including an edit link for every page, and a link to submit new issues.
  • Thanks to David Coyle for his atom.xml template for Jekyll.
  • Thanks to Nick Williams for a great gist on bringing google code prettify into my posts
  • Thanks to Pat Hawks for helping fix several issues early on. Thanks, Pat!