Excel Tip: Merge Cells, but for One Row at a Time

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When using Excel, sometimes I have multiple rows that I want to Merge and center, but only within that row.

The rows prior to the merge.

However, if I select them all and select Merge and Center, I see the following error:

"Merging cells only keeps the upper-left cell value, and discards the other values."

This is because Excel things I’m trying to merge all of those cells as one blob, rather than two rows, each with their own centered/merged text.


In Excel 2013 1, you can select the drop-down next to Merge and Center and Choose Merge Across, which will perform this function per row.

Merging across lets you do a merge and center, but for multiple rows.

And now, you see two rows of text, each merged & centered separately.

The finished product.

  1. (and possibly earlier versions, I haven’t tested) 


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