How To: Toggle Fields in a Crystal Report Based on Whether Records are Returned [Field Notes]

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In a Crystal Report, you would like to show or hide sections based upon whether the report contains results or not.


Step 1: Create a Shared Variable and Increment it

Create a formula with a shared variable in your report – for the sake of this example, we’ll call it v_RecordCount.

The contents of the formula should look like this:

// Excute this formula as records are read into the report

// define a variable that is available throughout the 'main' report
Global Numbervar RecordCount;

// increment the variable
RecordCount := RecordCount+1;

Step 2: Place the Variable in the Report header and Suppress it

  • Drag the formula into the Report Header A section.
  • Right-click on the formula you added in the report and select Format Field...
  • Click the Common tab.
  • Check the Suppress button.
  • Click OK

Step 3: Craft the Proper Suppression Formula for the Sections

Note that the formula we have created will return null when there are no records. This is key to crafting the formula.

  • Right-click on the section you would like to show or hide based on having results.
  • Click Section Expert...
  • Next to the Supress (No Drill-Down) option, click the Formula button.

If you want to hide a section if there are no results, enter the following:

If IsNull({@RecordCount}) then true
else false

This tells Crystal to hide the section if the RecordCount is null (i.e. there are no results), and to show it otherwise.

If you want to show a section if there are no results, enter the following:

If IsNull({@RecordCount}) then false
else true


If (Not(IsNull({@RecordCount}))) then true
else false

These both say “if the record count is not null” (i.e. there are records), suppress this field. Otherwise, show it (if there aren’t any results).


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