Crystal Reports 2008 Gotcha: Subreports with multiple parameter values [Field Notes]

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The Setup

  • I have a report in Crystal Reports 2008.
  • The report uses a few different sub-reports.
  • The report links the subreports to the main report by passing the main report parameter to the subreport parameter.

The Problem

  • When calculating totals, it works correctly if I pass in a single parameter value to the main report.
  • However, if I pass in multiple values for a parameter to the main report (think multiple work order numbers for a WONUM parameter), the subreport calculates totals for all the fields

The Solution

At first, it seemed like the issue was due to me not resetting the subreport total calculations on each page. But, I knew that I was doing this, and doing it correctly according to multiple reference points.

However, the issue (and thus, the solution) was simpler.

Because I was passing the main report parameter to the sub-report, Crystal was passing all parameters that I passed into the main report into the subreport, so the subreport was being told to calculate across all those values each time.

Instead, I changed the link to the subreport parameter. Instead of passing it the main report’s parameter, I passed it the main report field that contained the work order number, thus assuring that it would only receive that one work order as a parameter.

See the StackOverflow discussion for more references and comments.


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