Update on the New Desktop Setup

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This is the desktop, assembled, without the enhanced airflow in the rear and with no overclocking yet.

Windows Experience Score (out of 7.9)

  • Processor: 7.8
  • Memory (RAM): 7.8
  • Graphics: 7.7
  • Gaming Graphics: 7.7
  • Hard Drive: 6.0 (I think the SSD caching hasn’t fully kicked in yet)

PCMark 7 Score: low 4,000 (~4,100? Forgot the actual number)

Standard Temperature: ~89F (hottest of the 5 temp sensors)

Gaming Temp: ~93F (tested with Call of Duty: Black Ops)

Next Steps

  • The “overclockening” – when I feel like it. It runs smooth like butter now and I have no reason to push it (this is going to be part server, after all)
  • Increasing the air flow
  • Ensuring everything is backed up (Backblaze is chugging along now)
  • Moving media/content from External HDD onto Desktop
  • Erasing External HDD
  • Configuring Windows System backup on HDD
  • Virtualization, and tons of it. Setting up a bunch of systems (more posts on why later)

Also, a Big Thank You

Thanks to John Herron, a former co-worker and excellent techie, I also now have a 20” LCD monitor. The kindness of nerds astounds.

Any ideas for other benchmarks? Let me know!


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