Fix: Crystal Reports 2008 Database Explorer Doesn’t Show All Schemas [Field Notes]

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In Crystal Reports 2008, I am attempting to add a ODBC datasource (connecting to an Oracle 11g database) so that I can change field links, etc.

However, when I go into the Database Explorer and create an ODBC connection, certain system and user schemas show up, but mine is not in the list, despite the fact that I can view and query that schema/user in many other Oracle clients such as SQL Developer or DBVisualizer.


This seems to be a strange bug. According to this helpful (but obscure) forum post (Ed. Note: unfortunately, the link has been lost to time), the way to resolve the issue is to:

  • On the menu bar, select File > Options
  • Click the Database tab.
  • Uncheck the Stored Procedures option.

I have no idea why this fixes the issue, but it certainly did. Very happy to have this one behind me.


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