CruiseControl .NET, VisualSVN, and SSL Certificates [Field Notes]

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This is a quick post for my reference. Let me know if details would be helpful and I’ll be happy to turn it into more of a tutorial style.


I am integrating CruiseControl.NET with VisualSVN. I’m using a self-signed https on VisualSVN that doesn’t match. Because I can’t get CruiseControl to accept the certificate permanently, I can’t get it to check out files.


  • You should have a local user account for your build process (with only access to what it needs, of course). This is essentially a local service account.
  • Log on to that service account on the local machine.
  • Using the command line, check out the VisualSVN repository into a folder you created and accept the certificate. Something along the lines of svn.exe checkout https://[servername]:8443/svn/[ProjectName] --username [user] --password [password] should do it.
  • The certificate message will then pop up. Type p to accept it permanently.
  • Now you have an account that has the access you need.
  • Go into services.msc
  • Set the CruiseControl.NET service to run as the local build user service account, with the password.
  • Restart the CruiseControl.NET
  • It now should have access and acceptance of the certificate.


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