Fix: Logitech Touchpad T650 not Working on Windows 10

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Logitech is probably my favorite peripheral maker of all time. Recently I remembered that I had a T650 touchpad that I hadn’t used in a long time and I decided to give it a shot.


When I paired the touchpad, it didn’t look like any of the gestures worked in Windows 10, and I couldn’t find it in the settings app despite having clearly paired it. Furthermore, the settings app that listed it said there were no updates for the device.


In this case, the issue was that there indeed was a firmware update for the device. It just wasn’t showing in the settings app.

  • I noted the firmware version of my device was 041.000.00033
  • I found the downloads page for the T650.
  • The only download shown by default was the firmware update tool – but this isn’t the correct tool.
  • I clicked Show all downloads, and selected Windows 10 as my OS.

Towards the bottom of the page, I saw the magic words: “Firmware update”. The version number? 041.001.00038 – a higher version number than my firmware.

I downloaded the file and ran it – but nothing happened. Hmm. That’s not great.

I had to:

  • Go into the logitech unifying receiver app
  • Click the Advanced... button at the bottom left corner
  • Click the T650 in the list

NOW I could see the update firmware button (which had previously been disabled). Success! I clicked the button, followed the instructions, and the firmware opened successfully.

It would have been great for Logitech to provide a little more insight in their firmware update exe (or any output at all), but it was released in like 2014, so I’ll forgive them.

If you found this, I hope it helped you resolve the issue. Happy scrolling!

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