I had a great excuse to get to dig into and publish a .NET Global Tool recently, so I figured I’d announce it here!

TF-Whatsup, which provides the whatsuptf command, is currently at v0.5.0 on NuGet

What it Does

Terraform has a phenomenal pace of updates, and really great, verbose release notes. But sometimes the updates I need to pay attention to can get lost in the noise from the updates of the entire ecosystem.

TF-Whatsup shows you the pending release notes for any Terraform provider you use, and highlights the notes that pertain to the resources that you use.

How it Works

TF-Whatsup does the following:

  • Pulls the current versions of your current providers from the Terraform lock file.
  • Detects the resources you’re using
  • Finds the GitHub URLs for the providers
  • For each provider:
    • Finds releases after yours (in terms of date and semantic versioning)
    • Parses the release notes & highlights lines that talk about resources you’re using
    • Displays the parsed release notes back to you, in order of closest release to newest release.

This Was Fun.

I had a few hours and was able to pull together the tool, get it working, and get it published to NuGet. It felt good to do that, and made me happy.

I Need Your Feedback!

This is very early days but I feel like it could be useful and I’d love your feedback. Please open an issue on the GitHub repository or leave a comment here. Thanks!

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