No Professional Should Ever Be Without a Tide To Go Pen [Field Notes]

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Dressed up nicely today for a big meeting with the head of our division at work.

A coworker needed a spoon, and I used it as an excuse to indulge my inner caffeine addict in the cafeteria.

5 minutes after I bought the coffee, it splashed against the side of the container and formed a nice little geyser to land on my light-colored shirt.

Normally, I would have been doomed to a day of embarrassment at a time when I really don’t need any. Luckily, this is where Tide to Go comes in.

I keep a TTG pen in my office for just such an occasion. I walked quickly back to my office and used it on a gigantic area of my shirt. It took a few minutes (it was a seriously large area to cover), but was painless.

The end result? By the time I delivered the spoon to my coworker, she couldn’t notice any stain.

This product is sheer brilliance. I’m buying 2 more today.


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