Chkdsk on Windows 7 is one memory-leaking Sonofabit, Uses 30 GB of RAM

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My desktop PC has 32 GB of RAM. It’s ridiculous in that way, by almost any standard. I assumed that when I hit full usage of memory it would be because my entire virtual network of random servers, etc. would be running at once.

I was wrong. All it took was running Chkdsk.exe on an external HDD.

See below for yourself:

Picture of Chkdsk.exe eating all my RAM.

In case you can’t see it clearly, that’s Chkdsk.exe taking up 30,060,916 KB of RAM. Otherwise known as 30.06 GB of RAM.

Apparently this has been a known issue for a long time.

If I find a resolution, I’ll post one here in problem/solution format. If you have any tips, drop a line in the comments!

Update: Apparently the OS shipped with this bug and there’s no attempt to correct it as it’s a very low-level architecture issue. I’ll check Windows 8 in a VM and see if it runs into the same problem.


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