Touched by a Peripheral: Logitech T650 Review [A must-have]

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Summary: I thought this device would be inconsequential, but it makes a world of difference. The T650 is a top-notch device so far, and between the great experience with this and my Logitech K750 Keyboard, Logitech has cemented itself as my brand of choice for peripherals going forward. Brand loyalty to a company that makes keyboards and mice – I would not have foreseen that. As of this writing, it’s $47 on Amazon – down from around $70. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I don’t talk a lot about products on here. It’s never really been my schtick. Aside from beginning to catalog my desktop PC rebuilding adventure, I was never really into gadget reviews and the like.

But this little square device came along and changed all that.

Below are some rough, bulleted notes because I just couldn’t contain my gushing.

Unboxing Impressions

  • Small box – wonder if the surface area will be smaller than I thought.
  • Nope – box just fits very snugly. The packaging reminded me of Apple’s while remaining distinct – it was sleek, easy to open, intuitive, and showcased the product.
  • And man, does the T650 look good. It looks so simple that it’s hard for me to anticipate how powerful my first experiences will be with it.
  • It looks solid. The single square design gives a feeling that not much could go wrong with it in the way of hardware. I’m not nervous to plunk it down.
  • A special point needs to be made of their USB cabling. I don’t know why all USB cabling doesn’t come like the cabling on this device. The cable has clips strung all along it that allow the ends to clip into specific places and the coil to clip into itself as it coils. This makes it super easy to wrap, unwrap, and store. I’ll be looking into whether a company makes these sorts of clips for other cables, and if so, I must have them

Overall, the first impressions I get are those of simplicity, innovation, and power. Kind of a sweet spot for gadgets.

Initial setup

Wow, was that easy and fast. To install the device I:

  • Turned it on (it ships with some charge) by sliding the power forward.
  • Opened my Logitech unifying software (already installed from my K750)
  • Turned the touchpad off and on again
  • Let it download all the necessary components
  • Clicked finish.

After that, and the obligatory “would you like to register your device”, I was done.

Tutorials abound – in the quick-start manual, the Unifying software, etc. However, I found a barely needed them. A few a-ha moments when using different swipes and I was off to the races.

here is nothing I find cumbersome with the touchpad so far. Copy/Paste, middle click, dragging and dropping, right-clicking, etc. have all come easy while orienting myself.


While I’ve just started, I can already feel the power of this in day-to-day use.

I’m moving my wrist so much less, which feels better, though I have no opinion/science on whether it’s truly ergonomically better.

Charging is easy as well. The device has a small light that pulses when it’s charging, and shines red when the battery is low. And it’s beautiful to use this device in its wired capacity. I could have dealt with a cable but the wireless setup really completes the package.


Kudos, Logitech. Your commitment to product and user experience shines through well here. The unboxing was easy, the setup was almost nonexistent it was so simple, your software gets out of my way, your instructions are clear, and your device is solid, intuitive, and well executed, from the device itself to the USB cable it ships with.

I’m really glad I got this device.


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