How To: Run Several Programs Sequentially in PowerShell [Field Notes]

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I want to run several installation programs in order, and don’t want them to step on each other.

I want to avoid errors such as “another setup program is already running” which result in the second install not completing.


For files without arguments, run:

$var1 = Start-Process -FilePath "[path]" -passthru

For files with arguments, run:

$var1 = Start-Process -FilePath "[path]" -ArgumentList "[Args]" -passthru

In these examples, [path] is the full path to the file (e.g. C:\SomeFolder\MyProgram.exe) you want to run. [Args] is whatever you’d normally put after the path to the exe in the command line.

NOTE: Single quotes around the file path will ensure the command will not break if it includes a space in the path.


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