Why I Signed the Petition on the Murder of Trayvon Martin

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I was happy to sign this petition to attempt to have the case of Trayvon Martin’s killer brought before a Florida court.

The comment I left with the petition, below, sums up my thoughts on why I signed it pretty succinctly:

As I understand the facts, Zimmerman was told not to pursue, and something was said along the lines of “they always get away.” Whoever Zimmerman meant by “they” (whether it be criminals, suspicious people, or black people), it is clear that some preconception caused him to ignore police, follow, and confront Trayvon. If Trayvon became aggressive or confrontational, it is understandable considering he was being followed by a strange man who he did not know. What is NOT understandable is how Zimmerman found just cause to use a weapon against this young man. Whether the case amounts to murder or not is for a jury and courtroom to decide, but a refusal to prosecute is a failure of justice on the part of the state.

If you agree, please consider signing as well.

Some news articles with information about the case are below (I’ve attempted to include a balanced mix of news sources):

Update: It appears the case has been turned over to the Florida State Attorney’s office, but the petition could likely use support all the same. Updated stories below:


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