On Excella: 5 (6!) Reasons I’m Excited for the Upcoming dotNetFringe Conference

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In a few days, I’ll be lucky enough to attend the dotNetFringe conference in Portland, OR. While there are about a million reasons I’m excited about the conference, I’m going to do my best to keep it to 5 reasons as I explain why.

1. It focuses on open-source, and there has never been a more important time for open-source in the .NET Community.

dotNetFringe is dedicated to projects and concepts that are on the “fringe” of the mainstream .NET ecosystem, and for several reasons a lot of those are open-source efforts. As Microsoft embraces open-source as a whole with projects such as F#, Roslyn, and .NET Core, those fringe projects are moving a lot closer to the center and the pace of our ecosystem is picking up dramatically. Conferences like dotNetFringe are unearthing new possibilities for a large array of developers.

…see the rest of the list on my post at Excella.com!


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