Work With Sean

I created this page because I receive a lot of contacts from those recruiting for a position. It is meant to complement my LinkedIn profile.

Do you want to know if I’d be a good fit for your organization, or would you like to work together? Read on below to see if we should chat!

My Current Status

I have recently accepted a new position and am not open to new opportunities at this time.

What I’m Open To

  • Technical Leadership. Depending on the organization, this may be a Director, Fellow, Principal, or Technical Manager role (or similar). While I am passionate about technical work and capable of performing it, I am likely not a strong fit for an individual contributor role unless the compensation is commensurate with such roles. I am at my best when I’m providing a large impact across teams or an organization and empowering / enabling teams to achieve that impact.
  • Full-time roles. Will consider contract opportunities but the rate may be a non-starter for most. I commit to my employer, and I expect them to commit to me.
  • Happy to work in consider consulting environments as I have a great deal of experience there, but for my next journey, a product or services company I believe in is potentially the best fit.
  • The organization I work for is important to me, because I plan to invest in it. If you contact me, please indicate who the client is and where the position is situated within it. If you’re a recruiter, please trust me – I have no desire to circumvent you.
  • I am comfortable and productive with full-time remote work. I operate in a remote-first mindset. And in these times, a 100% remote role is a big plus for me.
  • If commuting, I’m aiming to be within 30 minutes of Arlington, VA.

At a Glance

  • Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies (~150 in this category in the US)
  • 15+ years developing software in the .NET ecosystem
  • Recently led the modernization of a system that industry analysts called more complex than the moon landing
  • Polyglot developer beyond .NET – comfortable with Javascript (prefer TypeScript), Ruby, Python, and others
  • 5+ years leading teams of between 5-20 individuals
  • Certified instructor for ScrumAlliance (CSD) and ICAgile (ICP-TST, ICP-ATA) certifications
  • Lead of the NUnit Documentation project and avid open-source contributor
  • National speaker
  • A history of substantial impact

Outcomes I Provide

  • In-depth expertise and delivery across the .NET / Microsoft ecosystem
  • High-performing, enabled, and engaged teams
  • The growth of leaders within teams and organizations
  • Organizational agility – a culture of learning, experimentation, and quality
  • DevOps-related expertise (CI/CD pipelines, operational visibility, robust delivery mechanisms)


  • I have held Public Trust clearances via both NIST and DHS.
  • I believe I would be clearable at TS/SCI w/poly if need be.
  • I do not currently hold any active clearance (my Public Trust clearances expired along with the work I was doing for those agencies.)

Alphabet Soup – Keywords, General Skills, etc.

Category General run-down 1
Languages C#, TypeScript, Javascript, Ruby, Python, Java
Platforms & Frameworks .NET 4.x, .NET Core / .NET 5, ASP.NET, MVC, WebAPI, Akka.NET
Front-end React, Vue, Angular to a lesser extent. Experience with Backbone, Knockout, jQuery
Build Tools GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, TeamCity, Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, MSBuild
Databases General SQL/NoSQL, SQL Server, Neo4j, CosmosDB, ElasticSearch
ORMs & Migrations EntityFramework, EF Core, Dapper Roundhouse
Solutions Architecture Azure PaaS / SaaS, Serverless, AWS
DevOps tooling ARM, Terraform
Automated Testing tools NUnit, xUnit, SpecFlow, Moq, FluentAssertions, Bogus
Automated Testing Techniques TDD, BDD, Gherkin, AATs
Other common libraries FluentValidation
Ticketing and workflows Jira, Trello, GitHub Projects, Azure DevOps, TFS
Static Sites Jekyll, GitHub Pages, Azure Static Sites, Netlify
Methodologies and Mindsets Scrum, Kanban, Organizational Agility, DevOps, Product mindset
Leadership Transformational leadership, leader/leader model

Feedback from my 2020 performance appraisal

Highlights from what my peers recently said about me, anonymously. I am incredibly proud of this feedback, and feel it represents what I can bring to an organization.

“Though he had many non-client obligations, he was the lead developer on the account and provided great results, value, and impact both to the client and our firm.”

“One of Sean’s strengths at the client is his technical coaching skills. Sean has gathered a lot of skills in his career and he is always willing to lend a hand – usually going above and beyond until his subject feels well-informed and satisfied with the information.”

“Sean’s leadership and mentorship over other developers in 2019 helped to institute a culture of proactivity and a mentality of ownership. He spent countless hours helping more junior developers understand advanced .NET concepts and was a true testament to leader who leads by example.”

Sean is without question the most productive developer I have ever worked with. He has implemented systems for himself to help his productivity, and shared tips and tricks with the entire team on several occasions. Sean’s leadership on the our project team has helped to grow every colleague for the better, and has inspired all to perform to the best of their abilities.”

“Sean always makes himself available to discuss an issue, listens and understands the issue, gives his recommendation, and works with the person to construct an implementation.”

“Sean again showed his professionalism and expertise through (the CSD certification) class. Going not only throughout the country, but also demonstrating our firm’s technical knowledge and experience to existing and potentially future clients.”

“The project’s work required .NET expertise which Sean brought to the project. Sean had limited time to accomplish the work and, in typical fashion, he documented everything he did and encouraged the same of others. Sean’s contributions allowed the project team to put important improvements in place to move the application toward more automated deployments.”

“Sean is already aware of the constructive criticism I would offer. Sean’s enthusiasm sometimes gets the best of him and he takes on too much. I believe this is a minor thing, because I would not want to see Sean correct this behavior if it meant that his enthusiasm (his superpower) was at all diminished.”

He has exceptional drive and enthusiasm. It’s contagious and powerful. I appreciate the way he challenges me and others to constantly bring our best selves to our work. I also appreciate how Sean does it; he knows when to broadcast a question or a statement to a broad forum to help clarify all of our understanding. He also knows when a more conservative approach is called for. We have had many direct slack conversations where he has sought out my opinion to refine his own understanding (or give me direct feedback) where appropriate. I think Sean’s discretion and decision-making around his communications is a real strength.”

“There is often tension in our retros, which stems from the team attempting to implement good agile practices, and the client not understanding the value behind the practices, or viewing velocity as a metric of measurement for the team. In these scenarios Sean is able and willing to speak up and articulate the situation and explain the value to the client.”

The team and myself view Sean as a key thought leader and expert and regularly seek advice from him.”

“He is always willing to make time for questions and explanations. From technical practices to agile practices to managing client relationships, Sean is willing to help others work through the challenges they are facing.”

“This is the third year I’ve had the opportunity to provide third-party feedback about Sean, and this is the third year I will state this truth: Few people have had as profound an impact on my career as Sean. I joined our firm as a very green developer. Sean has been in my corner this whole time. Sean is always an advocate for our firm and his project, but even moreso for his teammates.”

“When I had some tough topics to deal with on my project, Sean offered many suggestions for how to handle it and he was very empathetic. If you are a supervisee of Sean’s, you would be very fortunate to have him because he has good experience and has many thoughts on how he would approach a situation.

“As a result of his advice and guidance, I feel like I’ve grown and become a better consultant. He has helped me to better understand more about DevOps and encourages me to be bolder and have more difficult conversations with coworkers.”

“This year, Sean has coached me through my first technical leadership position. As the lead developer on a special project, I’ve had to navigate things like budgets, deadlines, client internal politics, and direct customer interfacing. It’s my first time facing some of these problems, and Sean – who has a tremendous ability to bridge the gap between “tech” and “people,” has mentored me through the whole process. He’s always willing to listen to me and back me up.”

“This particular team has a fantastic culture, and I feel like a great deal of that back to can be traced back to Sean’s efforts (although he’s probably too humble to admit that.)”

“I’ve gained even more appreciation for the culture change that Sean has driven over the years at the client. In particular, Sean has – over a several year span – driven a massive shift towards agile team processes and team-owned dev ops, despite lots of inertia and resistance. To do so while remaining so positive and beloved among team members (ours and otherwise), is a testament to Sean’s unique leadership skills and ability to astonish.”

“His technical knowledge is very in-depth, and he’s personable and engaging while remaining professional in his demeanor. I look to him as a role model in the most literal sense of the word: one who models the role that he has on the team.”

“He is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise with the team, and leads by example making sure people feel heard, seen and appreciated.”

“To say any team would be better off with Sean on their side is an understatement. Sean affects radically positive change and goes above and beyond to cultivate great careers. He delivers, but also inspires others to deliver.”

“I have always appreciated Sean’s honesty, integrity, and commitment to accountability, maintaining our firm’s culture, and ensuring that we “buy what we’re selling.” He is a personal role model of what it means to be an effective leader and I am a better leader, technologist and person for having known him.”

“His drive is a great inspiration and has for sure motivated me in 2019 to accomplish as much as I have.”

“Sean brought a potential opportunity with a client to the private sector and he contributed heavily to the proposal. Sean wrote the majority of the content, held conversations with his contact, and represented our firm at the client presentation. Throughout, Sean dedicated all of his energy and spare time to the opportunity, even during times when he was sick or tied up with travel and teaching a course.”

I know that he is someone I can always trust and rely on.

“Sean is possibly the most genuine and passionate person I have ever had the fortune and pleasure to work with. He cares so deeply about people, culture, leadership, technology, technical delivery/client satisfaction, and the general success of our firm, that I am perpetually astounded at the incredible results he’s able to attain in each of these areas.”

“Sean’s passion in infectious and he is a tribute to the culture of leadership we have at our firm.”

“Sean operates at a level on par with the best our firm has ever employed. In a lot of ways, Sean is the ultimate colleague. Sean brings in BD opportunities, Sean solves technical problems for clients, Sean helps to solve cultural problems across our organization, Sean represents our firm as a technical leader at a myriad of conferences — Sean does it all.”

“Sean was an exceptional supervisor in my opinion. We had constantly 1:1 check-ins during the year were he provided me valuable guidance, feedback and clearly set the expectation about my performance. Sean made himself available even when he wasn’t working at the client to help me if I needed.”

“Another great characteristic of Sean is how he cheers and recognizes individual and Team accomplishments at the client. He is always giving credit to the Team or individuals making sure the client is aware of these accomplishments.”

“But the best thing about Sean isn’t any of that. It’s that you can rely on him. You can count on his ability to hear you out when something’s going wrong. You can rely on his advice to be as unbiased as possible, while still being empathetic.”

  1. This is not an exhaustive list.